Services for Selling a Business

A privately-held business is usually the owner’s principal asset and often represents a lifetime of work. We understand that the sale of your business is a major life event. For this reason, we commit our combined 75 years of experience and knowledge to every step of the selling process.


The first step is an informal valuation of your business, with a careful examination of the current business climate. Our principals are in daily touch with the markets and provide our clients with up-to-date and accurate guidance.

In some cases, we recommend a formal valuation done by a Certified Valuation Analyst.

Marketing Agreement

Once the client is ready to engage us, we sign a marketing agreement. Concord Ventures’ goal is to obtain the best possible valuation and maximum cash at the close.


We prepare a professional marketing prospectus to show to prospective investors and financing sources. After a comprehensive search for buyers in our own and external databases, we present only the most qualified investors to you. Complete confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, so that employees, vendors, and customers only know of the sale after it has closed.


Once we have identified a buyer, we seek a Letter of Intent from the investor. We advise our client to seek legal and accounting advice before signing the Letter of Intent.

Due Diligence

After the Letter of Intent is signed by the investor and seller, the buyer, his consultants, and financiers start an intensive period of research into the business. We set up an online data room and post the seller’s financials and documents for all concerned parties to share. We continually update the data room and assist our client during this period.

Sources of Financing

During the entire process, we are constantly seeking suitable sources of financing. We primarily work with domestic financing sources, but at times seek international sources.


Generally speaking, it takes several months to close. We remain active during the entire due diligence process, resolving issues among the investor and their advisers, the seller’s accountant and attorney, and the chosen sources of financing.