North America

Exit board on the top of the wall

Leading Virtual Escape Room Company

The Company offers team-building entertainment services for B2B & B2C, including:

  • Virtual Escape Rooms
  • Large-Scale ONline Escape Rooms
  • Offsite Entertainment Events
  • Data Analytics on Employees and Market

Trusted by 40+ large corporations to provide team building entertainment servies, including:

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Chevron, & Philips

Location: North America

  • 2023p : $9.43M
  • 2022p : $5.84M
  • 2021p : $2.8M
  • 2020 : $2.57M
  • 2019 : $1.35M
front view of a truck on the road

West Coast Freight & Trucking Services 

The Company is a West Coast freight trucking service Company established in 1997.
The Company provides local, regional, and long-haul freight trucking services, which
transports cargo over the road service up to 48 states.$20M from lead investor secured. Seeking an additional $10M.

North America

Revenue / Adj. EBITDA:
  • 2021: $114.3M / $24.5M
  • 2020: $60.5M / $16.4M
  • 2019: $39.4M / $10.4M
  • 2018: $35.9M / $9.4M
Houses in different colors

Home & Community Builder

The Company offers a wide range of new home products including single-family houses, multi-family houses, town houses, duplexes, condos, resorts, as well as design expertise.

Location: North America

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2022p : $293.0M / —
  • 2021p : $261.1M / —
  • 2020p : $224.9M / —
  • 2019 : $212.2M / $17.4M

Specialty Furniture

Company sells furniture and accessories in its 30 branch stores. They’ve been in business for over 15 years.

Location: US

Revenue / EBITDA
  • 2019: $24 M / $2.3M
  • 2018: $26.0M / $2.7M
Trucking Logistics

Asset-Based Trucking Logistics & Brokerage Company

The Company has 200 trucking companies in Network. Its customers are a range of national and regional building products manufacturers. It’s seeking full exit.

Location: Pacific Northwest

Revenue / Gross Profit / Net Income / Adj. EBITDA:
  • 2021P: $7.50M / $2.53M / $693.00K / $923.00K
  • 2020: $7.35M / $2.48M / $572.37K/ $841.87K
  • 2019: $8.16M / $2.56M/ $262.51K / $544.26K
  • 2018: $8.52M/ $2.34M / $147.01K / $520.75K
  • 2017: $7.11M / $1.92M / $72.63M /  $428.33K
Cloud E learning platform with laptop

Most Simple & Customizable LMS on the Market

Serving 30+ customers worldwide in Corporate & Vocational training including: TGI Fridays, El Pollo Loco, & Phillips 66

Location: North America
Revenue / Net Income:
  • 2019: $398.6K / $24.2K
  • 2018: $192.9K / $28.8K


a man looking at the screen of a camera

SE Asian Creator Directory & Project Management Platform

The Company provides a platform connecting companies to over 10,000 vetted creators for all marketing needs.

The Company has connected over 1,500 brands to more than 10,000 creators and projects worth over $13M.


GTV / Gross Profit :
  • 2024p: $9.68M / $2.79M
  • 2023p: $5.82M / $1.29M
  • 2022p: $3.26M / $1.10M
  • 2021: $5.16M / $1.61M
  • 2020: $8.38M / $2.96M
  • 2019: $7.84M / $2.93M
a man checking his phone with a card in other hand

FOR SALE: Category 1 Fintech Licensed Company

The Company is a Southeast Asian licensed and certified E-Money company that enables unbanked Indonesian migrant workers to send money home. The Company has vast international remittance network and is currently operating in 4 different markets globally, which are Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The Company has license and certification from all relevant authorities such as:

  • Bank Indonesia
  • ISO 27001
  • MOL Taiwan

Location: Asia

GMV / # of Trnx :
  • 2022 (Jan-Sept): $63.3M / 116.7K
  • 2021: $91.6M / 172.5K
  • 2020: $51.0M / 105.9K
  • 2019: $3.5M / 8.5K
A woman sitting in a park with her mobile and a card

Licensed SE Asian E-Money & Customer Loyalty Platform

The Company is a Southeast Asian licensed E-money platform that enables its users to make payments from the Company’s e-wallet.

The Company has 2,000+ partnering merchants, which include: Chevron, Cosway, Steam, Starbucks, AIG, Mazda, Singapore Airlines & other companies.


GTV / Gross Profit :
  • FY 2022: $1.7M / $1.3M
  • FY 2021: $2.0M / $1.7M
  • FY 2020: $1.9M / $1.5M
A woman using ATM machine and a man looking at it

Licensed Indonesian Remittance Company


Established in 2020, The Company is a remittance company which has acquired a Non-Bank Fund Transfer Operator License from Bank Indonesia in 2021.


Licensed B2B & B2C Fund Transfer Provider in Indonesia

The Company is a Southeast Asian licensed fund transfer company that provides payment and disbursement system services via their B2B Portal and B2C Mobile Application which are both available 24/7.

The Company has 450+ clients in the country, which include: Credit Unions, Rural Banks, P2P Lending, SOE, & other companies


GTV / Revenue / Net Profit :
  • 2025P: $18.3B / $33.9M / $19.5M
  • 2024P: $9.2B / $16.9M / $9.5M
  • 2023P: $4.6B / $8.5M / $4.7M
  • 2022P: $1.9B / $5.6M / $3.0M
  • 2021: $1.1B / $2.8M / $1.4M
closeup of goods stacked in shelves in a godown

Indonesian Distributor for Major FMCG Principals

Founded in 2012, The Company is a leading FMCG distribution company founded by veterans of the industry. Supported by strong technology, The Company provides an end-to-end process for an efficient, effective, and convenient service for principals.

The Company is ranked #1 Distributor by top FMCG Companies such as Unilever General Trade, Nestle General Trade, & Unicharm General Trade.

Seeking Growth Capital


Revenue / Gross Profit / Net Profit / EBITDA:
  • 2025p: $1.1B / $93.0M / $52.5M / $57.2M
  • 2024p: $739.3M / $59.8M / $33.6M / $35.9M
  • 2023p: $447.6M / $35.9M / $14.4M / $16.7M
  • 2022p: $232M / $19.1M / $5.4M / $10.2M
  • 2021: $136.5M / $11.7M / $628.0K / $4.6M
a person using a laptop on a table

Southeast Asian Consumer Data Platform for SMEs

Established in 2013, The Company empowers SMEs with actionable SE Asian Consumer Analytics via holistic data platform, audience targeting analytics, and e-commerce customer analytics.

The Company is tapping into the large $10B Social Digital Advertising & Consumer Analytics market in Southeast Asia.


  • 2024p: $34.7M
  • 2023p: $12.3M
  • 2022p: $2.2M
  • 2021: $422.6K
payment in the process through a card

Southeast Asian RFID & Smart Card Technology Company

The Company is a Southeast Asian RFID and smart card technology company established in 2005.

They provide customers with solutions such as:

  • Physical access control
  • Card readers
  • Parking payment system
  • Time & attendance monitoring
  • ID/passport reader
  • Payment reader

The Company distributes for hardware solutions companies and is trusted by major corporations and government infrastructure projects.

Location: Asia

Revenue / Gross Profit / PBT:

  • 2025p: $23.47M / $5.15M / $2.05M
  • 2024p: $21.36M / $4.66M / $1.97M
  • 2023p: $19.27M / $4.18M / $1.84M
  • 2022p: $17.44M / $3.75M / $1.74K
  • 2021p: $15.89M / $3.35M / $1.76M
  • 2020: $7.20M / $1.76M / $0.43M
  • 2019: $24.30M / $2.36M / $0.92M
  • 2018: $11.32M / $2.14M / $0.88M
hands of a person on a laptop placed on the table

Profitable SE Asian B2B Ecommerce Platform for FMCG

The Company is a Southeast Asian B2B Ecommerce Platform for FMCG established in 2019. The Company has over 3000 B2B customers with their fast, cost-effective, and convenient B2B eCommerce platform.

Seeking $2M at $10M Post-Money Valuation


Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2026p: $1.0B / $23.4M
  • 2025p: $840.1M / $19.5M
  • 2024p: $483.5M / $11.2M
  • 2023p: $155.5M / $2.6M
  • 2022p: $26.8M / $247.5K
  • 2021: $11.1M / $45.6K
a person scanning QR code with a mobile phone

Bill Payment Company in Indonesia

The Company is one of the only few end-to-end bill payment solutions in Indonesia. Operating in a low-cost with a high margin and supported by strong technology, The Company is trusted by over 100K businesses. 

The Company provides solutions such as:

  • Billing Aggregator
  • Merchat Management
  • Biller & Banking Solution

Location: Indonesia

TPV / Revenue / COGS / Gross Profit:
  • 2025p: $6.6B / $34.9M / $30.2M / $4.6M
  • 2024p: $5.3B / $25.0M / $22.0M / $3.1M
  • 2023p: $4.2B / $19.0M / $16.7M / $2.3M
  • 2022p: $2.8B / $14.7M / $12.9M / $1.7M
  • 2021: $2.4B / $10.1M / $9.8M / $367.5K
  • 2020: $2.2B / $4.7M / $4.7M / $31.2K
A man working on two laptops sitting at a table

SaaS Based ERP Solutions for Trading Brokerage Firms

The Company is a rare Southeast Asian firm that provides thorough business aid for the trading brokerage industry. 

Linked with 105+ distinguished partners worldwide, including:
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co, BNP Paribas, & Barclays.

Location: Asia

Current Run Rate:
  • $750K Partner’s AUM Per Month
  • $170K Partner’s Revenue Per Month
  • $1.6B Company’s GTV Per Month
  • $16K Company’s Revenue Per Month
medicines placed on the two shelf

Complete Online Pharmacy in Southeast Asia

The Company is a Southeast Asian E-Pharmacy and Health Portal Solution. Led by a Team of Proven and Successful Entrepreneurs, The Company has acquired an Online Healthcare Portal Company in the country. 

Partnered with Top Marketplace & Multi-Platform Apps in SE Asia, including:
Lazada, Gojek, Grab, Traveloka, Tokopedia, iLotte,, & Shopee


Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2026p: $1.0B / $23.4M
  • 2025p: $840.1M / $19.5M
  • 2024p: $483.5M / $11.2M
  • 2023p: $155.5M / $2.6M
  • 2022p: $26.8M / $247.5K
  • 2021: $11.1M / $45.6K
Closeup shot of two different color cows

The World’s First Beef Carbon Reduction Platform via Big Data

The Company operates the world’s first beef carbon footprint reduction platform based on bio big-data and animal science research.

It will contribute to net-zero carbon emissions with the goal of reducing global cattle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% and grow into a leading low-carbon meat product company.

Service & Product:

  • Low-Carbon Livestock Digital Platform
  • Producing and Certifying Low-Carbon Beef

Location: Asia

Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2026p: $400.0M / $85.0M
  • 2025p: $200.0M / $45.7M
  • 2024p: $100.0M / $15.5M
  • 2023p: $50.0M / $6.5M
  • 2022p: $10.0M / $0.8M
LiDAR Manufacturer

Next-Gen Economical LiDAR Manufacturer

The company mass produces high-quality LiDARs for industrial & vehicle use, which excel in performance and reliability, are manufactured in a cost-effective manner, and are all self-developed.

Vehicle LiDARs will be supplied to major OEMs in 2024.

The company currently manufactures GPS, Blackboxes, and electronic tolling systems for a major auto OEM, and after-Market.

$20M from lead investor secured. Seeking an additional $10M.


Revenue / EBITDA:
  • 2024p: $92.7M / $13.1M
  • 2023p: $77.1M / $8.6M
  • 2022p: $55.3M / $4.5M
  • 2021p: $45.2M / $3.5M
  • 2020: $42.8M / $4.5M
  • 2019: $48.2M / $4.4M
Trading in mobile

Licensed & Certified Southeast Asian Gold Trading Platform

The Company is one of the Country’s Most Distinguished & Licensed Digital Gold Platforms. It is a well-known and licensed gold trader and pawn broker in the country, providing services such as:

  • Buy & Sell Gold
  • Gold Installment
  • Pawn Gold

Financials (GMV/Revenue):

  • 2022p: $78.10M/ $1.71M
  • 2021: $48.20M/ $1.09M
  • 2020: $53.18M/ $1.43M
  • 2019: $21.68M/ $29.22K

Location: Southeast Asia

Active E-Wallet Company

One of the Only Licensed & Active Malaysian E-Wallet Company

The Company is a Malaysian E-Wallet Company with rare fintech licenses, namely

  • E-Money License
  • Virtual Bank License (in progress)

It enables users to make cashless payments via QR code, pay bills, reload prepaid credits, purchase e-tickets, financing, e-Parking, insurance & road tax payments.

Location: Malaysia


  • 2020: $2.02M
Branchless Solution

SE Asian Branchless Solution for Banks & Financial Services

The Company offers last-mile solutions, supporting financial institutions in reaching the unbanked & underbanked.

Services include: customer acquisition, customer validation, document delivery, and payment & pickup.

The Company has clients from various industries, including fintech, banking, and eCommerce.

Location: Southeast Asia

Financials (Revenue/Gross Profit/Gross Profit Margin):

    • 2021p: $2.37M / $809.46K / 34.2%
    • 2020: $1.65M / $339.14K / 20.5%
5G technology

Profitable & Breakthrough 5G Mobile Telecom Tech Firm

The Company’s 5G Multiplexer allows all service providers to use one public network, preventing signal interference, cutting installation costs.

The tech also uses smart filtering to prevent the network from dropping.

Partnered 16+ major players including:
Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Indosat, SK Telecom, & SoftBank

Location: Asia

Revenue / Adj EBITDA:
  • 2021p: $10.3M / $2.5M
  • 2020p: $5.2M / $380.6K
  • 2019: $3.7M / $20.6K
Licensed Fintech Company

Rare Licensed Indonesian Fintech Company

The Company is the only other private platform licensed to transact Mutual Funds, Government Bonds, Gold, and Insurance. It is supported by superior features, including Robo-Advisor feature.

Location: Indonesia

Financials (Total GTV):

  • 2023p: $2.9B
  • 2022p: $1.5B
  • 2021p: $629.1M
  • 2020 (Oct): $131.7M

AUM (Oct 2020): $39.8M

Licensed Payment Gateway

Licensed Payment Gateway in 5 ASEAN Markets

The Company is a licensed payment gateway in 5 ASEAN markets, namely:

    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Cambodia

The Company is looking for Secondary and Primary Sale.

Location: Southeast Asia

Projected Financials
GTV / Revenue:

  • 2022p: $5.3B / $49.0M
  • 2021p: $3.9B / $35.0M
  • 2020: $2.5B / $23.4M
Online Waste Management

Southeast Asian Online Waste Management Network

The Company is an Online Waste Management Network firm serving households, corporations, and municipal governments. It acquires data on garbage stream and use via local partners to create a circular economy.

Financial (Revenue/Gross Profit)

  • 2023p: 5.6M/ 4.4M
  • 2022p: 2.5M/ 1.9M
  • Aug-Dec 2021p: 563K/ 420K


Remittance Infrastructure Company

Licensed Cross-Border Remittance Infrastructure Company

The Company enables financial institutions to perform Cross-Border Remittance Transfers. It is registered and licensed in 5 countries, has 30+ partners, with unique selling propositions, including:

  • Certainty
  • Speed
  • Infrastructure Network
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Compliance

Location: Asia

Financial (GTV/Revenue):

  • 2021p: $1.8B / $14.0M
  • 2020: $620M / $6.6M
  • 2019: $287M / $4.1M
Multi-Finance Firm

Multifinance Company in Indonesia Interested in Selling

The Company had gained the public’s trust as one of the best Multifinance Companies in Indonesia.

Location: Indonesia



(Revenue/Net Profit)
  • 2022 (Jan-Sep): $5.5M / $779.6K
  • 2021: $8.2M / $1.1M
  • 2020: $11.1M / $1.0M

Fast-Growing Consumer Engagement & Big Data AdTech Firm

The Company has succeeded in acquiring 100k+ downloads by its third day of beta launch and was featured as one of the Top Five Free Apps on GooglePlay by its 5th day of beta launch.

The Company rewards consumers for sharing data with and purchasing from brands. It serves clients with Performance-Based Payments and big data, beneficial to marketing efforts.

Location: Indonesia

Projected Financials (Year/Total Revenue/Total Profit After Tax):

  • 2021p: $13.2M / $6.4M
  • 2020p: $1.1M / $106.2K
Advertisement Platform

Indonesia’s Leading DOOH Advertisement Platform

Indonesia’s only DOOH company tapping audiences from multiple industries, including hotels, transportation, and hospitals.

Location: Indonesia
  • 2024p: $20.2M
  • 2023p: $15.7M
  • 2022p: $10.6M
  • 2021p: $3.3M
Cloud Kitchen Platform

Profitable Cloud Kitchen Platform in Southeast Asia

The Company is a SaaS Platform with CLTV/CAC Ratio of More than 10 Times, providing:

    • Cloud Kitchen for Healthy Food
    • Health & Wellness App 

Location: Indonesia

Financials (Revenue / Gross Profit):

    • 2023p: $92M/ $23.2M
    • 2022p: $21.8M/ $4.8M
    • 2021p: $6.6M/ $1.5M